RP003   1-1/4" Pipe            $13.59

RP013    1-1/2" Pipe            $21.07

RP023   2" Pipe                  $18.30

12" Dock Cleat

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RP005   1-1/4" Pipe            $18.71

RP015   1-1/2" Pipe            $26.03

RP025   2" Pipe                  $24.24

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5" Dock Cleat

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Side Bracket

Outside Auger Point

RP009   1-1/4" Pipe       $12.60

​RP019    1-1/2" Pipe       $12.86

Inside Auger Point

RP007    1-1/4" Pipe      $10.95

RP017    1-1/2" Pipe       $13.09

RP027    2" Pipe            $13.64

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RP029   5" Cleat - Alum. Paint Finish     $6.75

RP031    5" Cleat - E-Coat Black             $9.16



DIY Dock Fittings

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​Pipe Connector

RP041   Side Connector       $8.64

RP043   Corner Connector   $10.38

RP045   Inline Connector     $12.06

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RP037   12" Cleat - Alum. Paint Finish     $16.43

RP039   12" Cleat - E-Coat Black             $19.56

RP001   1-1/4" Pipe            $14.56

RP011    1-1/2" Pipe            $32.71

RP021   2" Pipe                  $26.74

Custom Build Your Own Dock Layout.

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Roloff Manufacturing Co. has been making high quality iron castings since 1944 and strive to provide you only the finest quality dock fittings and anchors on the market.

Pipe Auger

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Corner Bracket

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Mud Pad

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