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State wide dealer network providing service and install.

High quality marine grade aluminum construction provides long-lasting performance with minimal maintenance.

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Use for shoreline storage or boat house application.

Great for properties with restrictive building ordinances.

Servicing WI state wide with custom installs with certified service crews.

4,000 lbs & 6,000 lbs.


Systems Available

Railway System Options:

Electric Power Drives - Options available to satisfy various applications and trackincline.

Remote Control Power Drives - Options available depending incline.

Push-Pull Power Drives w/Wireless Remote Control - Provides power to move thecarriage into and out with minimum incline or boat house applications.

Curved Track Sections - Negotiate over seawalls, rocks, and other obstacles or into boat houses.

Pivoting Bunks - Carpeted wood or aluminum with vinyl conform to the boat's hull.

Track Supports - Adjustable vertical supports with bracing.

Doorway Splice - Allows track section to hinge away to properly close garagedoors.

Pontoon & Tritoon Bunks - Both under deck and bunk systems available.


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Railway Systems

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