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Individual panels allow you to customize to your needs.

Curtains are sold by the foot.

No motorized parts to break down.

Less expensive than building a boathouse.


Mesh Storage Shelf

Easy to install with 1" side release clips

 78" X 72"      $110

 90" X 72"      $115

 102" X 72"      $120

 108" X 72"       $123

  114" X 72"      $126

  ​125" X 72"      $130

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3' Drop mesh                               $13.00/ft

5' Drop Mesh                               $16.00/ft

​3' drop vinyl                               $14.60/ft

5' drop vinyl                               $17.60/ft

3' drop Harbor Time                $17.60/ft

5' drop harbor time                $21.33/ft

​5' drop mesh- vinyl                  $21.00/ft

drop curtains, boat lift sides, boat lift canopy

Custom frame work and build to fit options available.


Side Curtains are separate vertical fabrics of varying lengths. Boat lift curtains are becoming more and more popular, as they provide better protection for your boat. Curtains can be customized to nearly any length and doors  can contain such options as vents and zippers to allow accessibility.

Curtains include:

Boat access doors on each end

5' Dock access doors (mirrored; allowing for curtain rotation)

Side release attachment clips

PVC pockets for added wind whip protection (PVC not supplied)

Zipper in each corner (if one panel gets damaged; easier replacement)

All curtains made with straight cut bottom

shore station, curtain, rgc, canopy cover, daka
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